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I'm an interaction designer for both web and product development.
Working with client's concepts and visual designers, I aim to meterialise people's ideas.

I mostly program firmware for interactive products [asm / c(++)] and Drupal modules [php/js] for web applications.
My practical skills range from 3D milling to CAD embroidery to SMD soldering.

Jowan Sebastian Parker - MA [distinction | Interaction Art & Design]

a recent site I've built and manage: - A fantasitc venue and urban icon in Shoreditch London.

an old piece of art work I made:

File-error | kBang - A gameboy original drum machine interface with a difference.

Please contact me below with any enquiries regarding work or even just help and advice [:)]

Documentation of practical stuff coming soon [things i've designed and built]

Thank you ! We have received your message.

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